Let us evaluate your present PC for FREE.

Upgrades - Do you want to improve your computer but don't want to buy a new one? We can help you decide the best way to improve what you already have. Additional memory or a new CPU may be just the boost your PC needs! Better video card for gaming or larger hard drive for data storage.

Data Recovery – If your failed hard drive is detected by your computer then Hy-Tech PC can recover your critical data. An example of being detected by your computer is the fact that it attempts to boot from the hard drive or it is detected in the CMOS set-up.

Update, Patches, & Service Releases – Not sure if your running the latest release? Are you having occasional unexplainable problems with your software or operating system? Chances are good that there's a patch or service release that might fix your problem.

Repair price list
Desktops $25 initial diagnosis
Laptops $40 initial diagnosis
Desktop Motherboards
Most models $50 to $75
Laser $85
Inkjet $75
Dot Matrix $65
Multifunction $85
Prices do not include motors, heads or unusually expensive parts
CRT Monitors
14” or 15” $35
17” $45
19” or 20” $65
21” $80
Does not include CRTs, flybacks, or unusually expensive parts Prices include a 6 month warranty on all repairs
LCD Displays - Flat Screen  
15” $75
17” $95
18” $125
19” $155
Labor $20.00 per 1/2 hour
On-site Labor $50.00 per hour
Trip Charge $14.99 up to 15 miles
$19.99 up to 30 miles
Pick-Up $9.99 up to 15 miles
$14.99 up to 30 miles
Delivery same as Pick-Up
DSL Internet Set-up $50.00
We're not an internet access provider, but we can help you find one
that meets your needs and get you setup!
Network Installation (estimate)
Adware, Spyware, and Virus Removal $40 to $80

Desktop installation fees

Floppy Drive $19.99
Virus Scan $24.99
Hard Drive $34.99
Scanner $24.99
Game I/O Card $19.99
Software $9.99
Operating System $49.99 (Windows 95 to XP)
Memory $19.99
Processor $24.99 CPU upgrade
CD-Rom $34.99
Sound Card $19.99
Video Card $19.99
Modem $19.99
Motherboard $49.99

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